"Home for the Day"

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We're Open Mondays & Fridays 
10am - 3pm

100 N. Franklin St. Danville, IL
Basement of First Presbyterian Church

The core mission of The Dwelling Place is to develop relationships through a Christ-like love with those who feel lost, displaced or powerless .
The Dwelling Place Day Center is a daytime safe haven for all  residents of the community. It is an open door, when others are closed, and offers our neighbors daytime sanctuary and basic survival services. At our Center neighbors can find daytime reprieve from the winter cold and be offered a hot cup of coffee and from the summer heat and find waiting a soothing coolness. Everyone is greeted with smiles and welcoming words. 

The Dwelling Place Day Center is a place of Christian support, of hope, and of friendship and connections! 

Knock at the door,
and it will open for you
to find grace in a time of need.

 Luke 11:9 & Hebrews 4:16 

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